Just a Big Ol’ Mess O’ things

First, I think we’re winning the battle for the bedroom. Max is now sleeping most of the night in his own bed, in his own room, and after sharing a room for far too long, it’s a wonderful change. It was a necessary change-whenever we would come to bed, the noise and commotion would unsettleContinue reading “Just a Big Ol’ Mess O’ things”

I thought I was going to have a clever title

But it turns out, the song that I thought I was going to borrow the title of, sending the readers on a small scavenger hunt to discover an obscure but enjoyable song, doesn’t actually exist. Instead I will be blunt-go listen to some Morrissey. With the Smiths, or solo, you choice. I’m surprised how muchContinue reading “I thought I was going to have a clever title”