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Happenstance – the final book in the Spellbound Railway series

Cover of Happenstance

On the run from the killers who took their best friend from them, spellcasters Kean and Robert are trying to stay alive in the dying reality they are trapped in. But the crisis goes far beyond one reality: the Probability Spine that binds all the realities together is about to break, and if it does everything will end. They must escape and find a way to restore the balance and save all existence.

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The rest of Spellbound Railway series (FREE AT SMASHWORDS RIGHT NOW!!!)

Book 1: WitchKids

Mallory and Kean are best friends trying to adapt to the hectic life at high school, just like any normal kid. But when they discover that they’ve suddenly gained the power of wild magic, normal goes out the window. A strange boy falls out of nowhere to land at their feet, lost and alone, and they work together to try and find a way home for him. But along the way, they encounter a spell that causes chaos as it spreads from person to person, and an evil magician who seeks to exact his revenge on the world. How will they stop him, and what’s the source of this powerful spell?

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Book 2: Kingmaker


The three mages Mallory, Kean and Robert have been busy, studying their spell powers while they work on passing their regular high school classes. Throw in the normal drama of being a teenager, and they have their hands full. They’re presented with a new challenge that will take all of their magical abilities to solve: a mysterious magical device called “The Kingmaker”. The device could cause chaos and suffering if it fell into the wrong hands. Can the kids find a way to stop “The Kingmaker”?

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Book 3: The Patchwork Boy


Another cosmic mystery has drawn the three high school mages Kean, Mallory and Robert back together.Someone, or something, is snatching unawakened mages from their homes and inflicting untold suffering on them. The 3 friends travel across dimensions looking for a way to find the missing mages, and somehow deal with the painful problems back at home. Family illness, toxic relationships, high school drama, and the fast approaching leap into adulthood are hard enough to handle on their own, without having to save the universe too.

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Book 4: The Ember and the Knife


The saddest sort of homecoming brings Mallory, Kean and Robert back together after 2 years. The three friends have found out that the cruelties of life cannot be wished away or banished by a spell. But as they struggle to reconnect with each other and mend their hurting families, an arcane menace returns, threatening the manyworlds tied together by the Spellbound Railway.

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