Just a Big Ol’ Mess O’ things

First, I think we’re winning the battle for the bedroom. Max is now sleeping most of the night in his own bed, in his own room, and after sharing a room for far too long, it’s a wonderful change. It was a necessary change-whenever we would come to bed, the noise and commotion would unsettle his sleep and sometimes wake him up. Plus, he’s all legs and arms now, and there’s just not enough room for him in our bed.  There’s still some room to improve. He wakes up once during the night (usually around 2am) and tries to storm his way into our bed again. K has been successfully wrestling him back into his bed, but it usually means she ends up there for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, Max’s bed is a futon that puts a kink in K’s back. And, the boy still wakes up to start his day between 5:15 and 6:45, depending on a million different factors, most of which are arcane and unknown. Maybe wind speed in the Sargasso Sea or disturbances in the Force, whatever the case, he wakes up and drags his mom downstairs with him, so she’s a little tired.

In the financial world, I make no money. So, we are about to tighten the old belts. Most likely, we’re going back to being a one car family. It’s been nice having the luxury of 2 car freedom, but realistically its a cost that we don’t need to incur. If somehow I start to make bundles of cash for writing/parenting (anyone want to pay me? Any one?) then we’ll think about 2 cars again, but for now it’s down to one buggy for the Loblaws.

A hearty pioneer shout out to my only Western reader, out there in the wilds of Manitoba (Hi Emily!). At this rate, by 2020 I’ll have enough blog followers to fill a room. Fame!

Musically: is it possible to enjoy “Let the good times roll” by the Cars in any way other than ironically? It’s the party song for people who have no idea how to throw or participate in a party (I always think of the party scene from ‘Revenge of the Nerds, before they all get high).

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