Yes I’m Complaining about a Cartoon

I’ve had to endure the normal amount of children’s programming, maybe a little more than average. I don’t think that there is anything detrimental to watching educational programming, and Treehouse Tv doesn’t show commercials (well, almost. They sneak ‘sponsors’ in at the start of a show, but before the show actually starts, and only onceContinue reading “Yes I’m Complaining about a Cartoon”

The Next Big and Messy Milestone

We’re on the cusp of potty training now. The idea has been introduced, the potty has been personally chosen by Max, and now we’re going to leave the topic alone (more or less) as he thinks about the idea. When he decides he’s ready, he’ll make a pronouncement to that effect and away we’ll go.Continue reading “The Next Big and Messy Milestone”