So many Tiny Rebellions

A full week of hearty eating and deep sleeping signals the arrival of another growth spurt. In this case, lucky me, it’s his brain size that has taken a jump. Why would that  be bad, you ask?  It’s not, by itself. It’s great that he is showing improved language skills. He can rhyme. He has a developing sense of musical rhythm. I noticed him singing back a line of a song that was playing on the radio, a song he had not heard before. He is awesome.

But, there is a down side to a cognitive ability expansion. With all of that  new, extra brainpower, the young man is challenging every rule he can remember. I can tell you that a tired daddy does not need  a boy running laps through the house wailing at the top of his lungs. Does he really need to practice reacting to tragedy? He seems to think so.  He made a dash for freedom while at the Wal-Mart with his mother, he yelled at me for daring to offer him juice when he wanted milk,  and the cat is seeing no end of harassment. On the upside, he did send himself for a timeout when he pulled the cat’s tail, so that’s progress.

Hopefully the unruly storm is blowing itself out and we can weather the last few uprisings from our little nude guerilla. Vive la resistance!

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