Ah! Demanding Readers!

Requiring content! Ah! Brain soft and empty! Panic!

I had originally planned on a lengthy discourse that would have merrily strayed into areas beyond my expertise, but fortunately I’ve caught on that right now I don’t have the mental candle power to light that lamp. So, instead, I give you….something.

I’ve been back on the university campus twice in the last few weeks, and it’s been a strange experience. The first time was while I was in the throes of my sinus cold, so I know that made everything surreal and hard to understand.  Even taking that into consideration, walking into the university community centre bewildered me. It was as if I had become unstuck in time and I was  instantly the same guy I was 15 years ago (15 is an estimate. I have a poor memory when it comes to my own timeline). I think it was the huge throng of people going in every direction that overwhelmed me and confused me, as it always had. Eventually I got my bearings back but it’s a real kick in the gut to feel just as confused at  36 as you did at 20.

The students were all kids, much too young to be on their own and living as adults. they should still have a grade 13 year to mature a little bit more. They looked so young and immature that I couldn’t even ogle the girls. I just wanted to put a sweater on them and send them home to their mothers. This was probably the head cold talking.

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I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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