Video Game review – Green Day: Rock Band

Put this game directly into the ‘for serious fans’ bucket right away. Green Day: Rock Band is a lot of Green Day for any one person, so prepare yourself before jumping in. The presentation, technical details, and overall presentation are good, but any music game is only as good as its set list. I thoughtContinue reading “Video Game review – Green Day: Rock Band”

Video Game Review: Red Dead Redemption

Do you love Westerns? If so, the setting and motif of Red Dead Redemption will rock your socks off. Underneath the hood, the technological elements are more or less successful, with the exception of a few glitches that aren’t gamebreakers ( during one mission the game forgot to spawn a horse for the accompanying NPC,Continue reading “Video Game Review: Red Dead Redemption”

A Cheap way to win an argument

Roger Ebert has once again made a pronouncement that video games cannot ever be art. He is wrong, and his manner of defending his contentious belief is extremely irritating. Essentially, he relies on dismissing his opponent’s definitions of ‘art’, while doggedly using his very narrow criteria to label games as not-art. It’s really perplexing thatContinue reading “A Cheap way to win an argument”