Last of Us 2 Review: That’s a lot of revenge

(A note about spoilers: by the time I write a review of a game, you the audience have had ample time to play the game in question, if you had a mind to do so. So anything spoiled is your fault, bucko.) Last of Us 2 is a game full of revenge and the consequencesContinue reading “Last of Us 2 Review: That’s a lot of revenge”

Game Review- How “Mafia 2” bummed me out

I will not resort to a terrible Italian accent for this review-you and I both deserve better. And that’s what I felt about this game in general. I deserved to be treated nicely by any game I spend time with. It is undeniable that Mafia II is a beautiful game, but with problems. The cityContinue reading “Game Review- How “Mafia 2” bummed me out”

Game Review: Crackdown 2/Puzzle Quest 2

It’s two reviews in one! Primarily because Crackdown 2 – French/English is nothing special. The original Crackdown was a surprise hit, because expectations were so very very low. It’s first wave of sales was driven almost exclusively by people who wanted the Halo demo that came with it. And when those Halo fans tried outContinue reading “Game Review: Crackdown 2/Puzzle Quest 2”