Video Game review – Green Day: Rock Band

Put this game directly into the ‘for serious fans’ bucket right away. Green Day: Rock Band is a lot of Green Day for any one person, so prepare yourself before jumping in.

The presentation, technical details, and overall presentation are good, but any music game is only as good as its set list. I thought I was a Green Day fan, but it turns out my fandom doesn’t sustain itself when you get into the deeper album cuts.
It didn’t help that there was one song on the first level that was too much for me on ‘hard’ difficulty. Despite my fairly respectable Rock band drum chops and my chum’s considerable guitar prowess, we flunked out of ‘F.O.D.’ repeatedly. I wasn’t ready to be challenged that severely within 15 minutes of playing the game.

Another drawback for everyone except the Green Day fans is the ‘collectibles’ rewards. Letting me unlock yet another set of pictures of the band looking and acting stupid isn’t really what I’d call a “reward”.

So, if you love Green Day, or you want to fatten up your Rock Band song library, then pick this game up. If not, just grab the few songs you really want and skip the rest. 5 out of 10.

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