I felt good for a minute there…

But it passed. Whew! I was frightened that I would be malady-free and without physical complaint, but luckily a tension headache came in to take the burden of my discomfort from my fading cold. No downstairs computing for me tonight. Why? Well, my computer ‘desk’ (salvaged wooden banquet table) is wildly unsuited for this purpose, and my chair is uncomfortable and the arms are too low. These elements work together to strain my neck and pinch a nerve in my back. I’m done complaining for now. Moving on!

Max’s friend Bryson came over for another playdate today, and things went well. Bryson is getting more accustomed to paying attention to me when I talk, instead of assuming I’m just a noisy piece of scenery. The boys spent over half an hour chasing each other through the kitchen and living room. Our main floor layout is really suited to running tiny laps, and they had a great time circling by me. I am struggling a little bit with restraining my urge to correct language errors. Bryson has a little difficulty with his verbal skills, and he’s already receiving  speech therapy for it. I am compelled to meddle in the  situation and try to give him my untrained help, but I think it might be better if I avoid focusing on it. It’s hard to let it slide though. He uses ‘me’  instead of ‘I’ so there’s a lot of tarzan talk: ‘Me want to help”. The important thing is that his speech is much, much better than it was 6 months ago, and he’s a great kid who Max likes.

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