This company does not produce wisdom

I mean myself, of course. I have a cold, either again or still, depending on how you define ‘healthy’. My nose has been running heartily since yesterday afternoon, and in a fit of laziness I have been using the closest paper product near my computer as a nose wipe. What is it? Oh, paper towel. Good old abrasive paper towel. The folly of pummicing away the skin of my nostrils is becoming painfully evident.

For those waiting for an after-party report, I can say that things went well. Fantastically, in fact, once you take the surprise snow storm into effect. Light flurries my big white hiney. Everyone we were expecting to show up did show up, even if the snow made them a little late. The venue was great for the kids; I can recommend the Boys and Girls club to anyone with a kids party to throw.

It was great to watch Max in a pack of excited kids, all of them running and squealing and laughing and occasionally crying. My worries about his socialization are now officially put to rest.

And if you ever want a harrowing experience, try being in charge of the presents at a 3-year-old’s birthday party. We waited until the end of evening, so the kids were already crazy from the proximity to bedtime and the excitement of the party. They circled around me and Max to ‘help’ open the presents, and it felt like a swarm of zombies reaching out to grab me and eat my brains. Max was too wound up to even look at the presents as he opened them, and he just wanted his loot bag. By the next morning he was calm enough to actually look at the gifts and play with them. The wife and I needed at least 2 days of recovery. Unfortunately, we got about a day each, and I had this cold roll back in to bother me.

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2 thoughts on “This company does not produce wisdom

  1. I disagree with the statement of getting a day off to recover. Max and I were up at 6:30 and we played, read and touched every thing that Max received by 11 am the next morning. Which were all a huge hit I must add.

    I will agree with Chris that the Boys & Girls Club was amazing! Lots of fun, great staff and a price you can’t beat for so many kids.

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