Focus is for guys in good moods

And I am not one of those guys, so you are going to get a big scattershot of topics. Do I have single topics that could easily fill a full blog post? I have one. Am I going to use it? NO! YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

That is point number one: I am pitching a tiny teenage rebellion in my mind. I don’t want to do anything productive, I don’t know how to fix my problems but I’m vaguely angry at the whole world for them. This is why I didn’t post yesterday (I’ve even lost track of my blogging schedule. gasp). I think I need this cold to go away, and maybe I need to hide under a pile of blankets for a while until I regain a sense of optimism.

The boy has been a whirling dervish of energy and mischievous behaviour. (See, here we are at a totally different topic). My best guess is that he is hopped up on a) self-confidence and b)a week full of non-standard activities, so he is testing the rules to see if they are still in place. Add in my lack of leaving the house due to the cold, and you have a good case of crazy cabin fever. Hopefully tomorrow is the chill out day everyone needs.

We all went to a wake this afternoon, so that’s another gristly piece of emotional meat I’m trying to chew through. I absolutely abandoned my normal process with Max, where I explain what’s happening and why we’re doing what we’re doing. I could not tackle the subject of death today. I sure did cringe every time he mentioned the deceased in the present tense, because I was letting him say something factually inaccurate and I was too chicken to correct him. But he had a good time, better than the other boy his age there who staged a demonstration in passive resistance by lying on the floor in the basement and doing nothing. For a three-year old, that’s quite a feat.

I am a poor househusband. Not poor in the sense that I don’t take care of the house-I manage well enough to keep things sort of clean, kind of. Nope, I’m talking cash-poor. It is such a difficult situation to be a negligible source of income for the family. I like to spend money. There are things I would like the family to have, like “savings”, “vacations” and “cat pee-free carpets”. So far, adding donation buttons to my blogs has brought in….let me check the tally board….add in the last-minute donations…SWEET DIDDLY ALL.  (Please note this is not a harassment aimed at you, my loyal readers. I am complaining for comedic effect. You are all breathtakingly attractive and I wouldn’t change a hair on your heads).

I’m going to package up the WitchKids story into an ebook in the next few days, complete with minor revisions. I’m going to put it up for sale for hopefully around 5 bucks, with this tantalizing incentive: if I sell 500 copies, I will instantly begin a new blog story set in the same universe, maybe even a direct sequel. Will it work? Oh, probably not. 500 is a big number, that’s why I picked it.

I’m wearing fleece-lined pants and they’re making me sweat, but my other pants are 2 floors away. That’s the last complaint I can muster right now, but if I think of anything else, I’ll add it in later.


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