Sour old man, huddled under blanket, sniffling

I’m in the throes of a cold, which has thankfully not exploded into a crippling malady, but it’s making me very tired and grumpy. Not the perfect state for a man watching a wild 2.95 year old, but we’re making due. I’ve probably skipped a scheduled blog day, and this one isn’t going to ring the bell of excellence, but it will deliver another buttload of commas. Commas!

Another true fact that I am now happy to have proven: ice cream DOES make a sore throat feel better. Does two bowls of ice cream make the sore throat doubly soothed? Probably not,but that didn’t stop me.

You may not know of the Canadian singer Keisha Chante. She’s not a bad r&b singer, but she cannot dance. Stiff wooden arms, tentative steps, just awful overall. Her latest song? ‘Table Dancer’. Why would you agree to sing a song that brags about something your just no good at? WHY KEISHA WHY?

I’m going back to the couch to sip some tea and quietly lament my unproductive ways.

Published by Chris

I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

One thought on “Sour old man, huddled under blanket, sniffling

  1. Twice the ice-cream definitely works twice as well as the once of ice-cream, and I have the tummy to prove it. Hope the sniffles have departed.

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