Well that’s a vicious circle, Wally

I am in the unfortunate position of being tired/fatigued/burned out and in need of a restful break, but when I start to rest I get bored and antsy at being idle. That leads me back to doing something, which is the opposite of nothing. I think I need relaxing nothing, but I keep coming up with taxing somethings.

My tiredness today is fallout from the build up to and the battle with the boy going to pre-school. After last time’s hysterics, I was dreading today’s attempt. That kept me from sleeping well last night, so I was already behind the 8-ball. Also throw on a sprinkle of writing fatigue from last night’s chapter, and I was mentally spent by lunchtime today.

The good news is that school went well. There was some mostly unrelated pant-wetting, but who doesn’t pee their pants when they’re sad? Of course, after a successful day at school, all of my promises came home to roost. The boy was over-energized by the thrill of making it through the school day and he was hell-bent to do every thing I had offered as a school incentive. So off I went with a hyperactive/mildly crazy boy to MacDonald’s, then the mall. The mall took the little bit of gumption I had left and threw it into the garbage. Top it off with some whiteout driving on the way home, and a little dude who was too energetic to even approach napping.

I got dinner on the table and slipped away afterwards to finally have a break, got bored with the game I’m playing right now, and went back to cleaning the basement in anticipation of the big family dinner I am cooking on Saturday. More work, less relaxation, creating more need for relaxing. At least I had a shower today.

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