There’s a Crazy Christmas Elf in my house!

Wow, does that child love decorating the Christmas tree. He was going full tilt at it the moment the tree came into the house, and there was no slowing him down. When we tried to suggest that we wait for the tree to settle in and unfurl (it’s a real tree that had been bundled up, so the branches were bent close to the body. I hear by label the process of the branches spreading out and lowering ‘unfurling’. Deal with it. And marvel at the length of this parenthetical side-note. It’s a paragraph!), but any talk of delay was met with soul-rending shrieks of sadness.  It did not help his patience that we had been out all morning doing errands and he was ready for a nap.

After a brief skirmish, we decided to just let him go to town. sure, one side of the tree got the lion’s share of candy canes, and there are no decorations above his eye level, but we can fix that later. He was even singing jingle bells while he did it. It was the perfect Christmas scene, except for his being nude from the waist down. Oh well. Fa la la la la.

He’s settled on a Christmas present for me. Evidently, the small ceramic Buddha who sits on my dresser is lonely and in need of shelter. He wants to give me another Buddha to keep O.G. Buddha company, and a new house for both Buddhas to live in.


Edit:Totally forgot to talk about the big fiction project and the schedule. Even though I torpedoed a day this week, I’m back at it and you should keep seeing new chapters every 2 days. The last one should drop on Boxing Day, unless I decide to get ahead of the game and finish things of by Christmas.

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