That is a lot of snow

We’re deep under about 105 cm of snow here (41 inches for anyone not rolling with the metric system, half a fathom for the sailors in the crowd). The joking around about the snowpocalypse or snowmageddon loses some of the hilarity by day 3. Things look like they’re calming down now, but good grief there is a lot of snow in the yard.

As I predicted, the boy is crazy for the white  stuff. He’s averaged 2 hours a  day outside the last two days, at least knee-deep at all times. Other than the occasional retrieval from the deeper piles of snow or a little help to wipe some snow from  his face, he was content tumbling around and adventuring. As a disclaimer, I watched this through the window while my dear wife frolicked with him. But I did fill the other parental role as the provider of delicious hot cocoa and a good warm lunch.

It’s all a part of the partnership. You divvy up the activities based on who is more suited or interested in doing it, and the other  parent takes the auxiliary support role. I need to keep in mind that there is a lot to be said for doing some of these activities as a whole family, even if I don’t particularly like it. Sometimes I gotta take a little cold for the team.



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