I do drone on and on

The endless march towards more content continues unabated, and I drag you unlucky few along with me. Oh the grim misery of the dedicated reader when they are fed on nothing but the thinnest of word gruel. No bon mots, no real wisdom, only a tired old crank belly aching about money and repeating himself. You can really taste the sadness.

In the world of the boy, things are pretty much steady. It looks like the ‘landing on his mouth’ incident did do some permanent damage to at least one tooth. It has turned a little grey, and that means the nerves and blood vessels inside have gone to heaven. I really wanted to avoid another trip to the dentist with him, but a professional must judge his malady and make their dread pronouncement. From the research I’ve done, they’ll probably leave the tooth as is, unless it’s infected or causing him pain. I hope it stays in place.

With the pile of snow that fell today, I’m back to my wintertime dilemma. I know the lad loves to play outside in the snow, but I loathe the cold. I hate the wind more than I hate plain old cold, and both at the same time sends me into fits of helpless rage. I will do my best to screw up my courage and get him out and about during the week, but baby it’s cold outside. I should go out and find a snowsuit for the wife so she is more equipped for outdoor frolicking than I am, naturally making her the first choice.

Here’s a little bit of wisdom that I’m trying on for size: If you can’t look back fondly on the fun you had last night, then it probably wasn’t worth your time. I woke up Saturday to a wild and crazy boy and exhausted mom, so our normal plans for the day went out the window. I was also already tired from not sleeping well and being out the night before, so the day was a bit of a drag. When I thought about the reasons for my sour mood, I could not comfort myself by saying ‘I may have stayed out too late, but I sure had fun’ because I didn’t have any. There were moments of near-fun, and I did eat almost an entire big bag of chips by myself, but fattening myself up does not a refreshing evening make. It’ll be the last time I go do that.

The strange thing about fun right now is that  I find myself at the end of the day with a small window of leisure time and nothing to do. I don’t have any games to play, or books to read (though that’s only my own fault. Must go to library soon). It’s frustrating to flip from activity to activity trying to enjoy myself. Maybe this is a consequence of pushing myself to be more productive. Naw, probably just need a new game.


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