This place looks familiar…a little TOO familiar

The common wisdom is that its easy to go to a gym for the first month. The commitment comes in to play when the monotony sets in. Well, I think I’m hitting my first gut check point for all this blogging rigmarole.

Keep in mind that I am churning out these nuggets of mental amusements every two days, and writing a 1500 to 2000 word book chapter on the alternating days.  This creative exercise is building up my tolerance for writing everyday and producing something, despite being in a tired/sick/hungry/horny mood.

Unfortunately, this is all first edition stuff, with no editing or second thoughts. Indeed, turning off my internal editor is a big part of what I’m learning to do. But even though I know this is all going according to plan, I’m getting a little weary of the whole thing. Grind, grind, grind. Hopefully even my dubious work is entertaining on some level.

Here’s the stuff left over in the ‘week in review’ bucket:

1. Besides my family, my two true loves right now are fresh garlic and Steven Stamkos. One is pungent and delicious, the other is producing at least a point a game and is single-handedly keeping my fantasy hockey teams out of last place.

2. Fallout:New Vegas is the first game that I’ve ever played where I liked it less and less the longer I played it. Most games that stink show me their stinkiness in the first hour and I bail out. The glaring technical errors and overall bad software development only really broke my spirit after 30+ hours of play. Which adds to my rage, since I spent all of that time to find myself in a crappy game that kept breaking. It even froze during the end of game cutscene. Weak. I was only finishing for the sake of being done with it forever, and it couldn’t even manage to leave gracefully.

3. If you like the Trews, I cannot help you. You do not like music. Please put on your headphones and don’t tell me what you’re listening to.

4. I used to think that the Eddie Van Halen line of guitars was just a cheap cash-in. Now that I’ve read a bit more about the serious guitar hardware tinkering and modification he did to achieve his sound, I have revised my opinion. More than just being physically gifted in terms of guitar playing, Eddie spent hundreds of hours soldering, filing, re-wiring, and testing, not to mention the time spent actually practicing guitar. Respect!

5. Oh yeah, I’m twittering too (@spankules). Becuase I don’t spend enough time put nonsense on the internet.

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