A boy’s first job!

Today Max accompanied me up to the medical school to be a practice patient for the 2nd year med students, and he was great.

At first, I felt bad that we were being paid to give these doctors-in-training practice and not delivering. Max was feeling a little overwhelmed and shy, so he was reluctant to answer their questions. But one of the other parents there pointed out that this is exactly how children behave at doctor’s offices. If you want practice at pediatric medicine, Ta-Da! It’s a lot of patience, noise, and occasionally urine. So really we were giving them the real deal.

Of the 6 doctors who practiced taking a medical history and brief physical exams, 2 were really good, 3 were nervous, and one was a little to aggressive with her questioning (me, not Max. She was fine with him). I wonder if she considered a career in law previous to this journey of medicine, because she was cross-examining the heck out of me.  Just a touch abrasive too.

Even though the lad wanted to leave and head home a couple of times, he buckled down and made it through the hour and a half with flying colours. To celebrate, we made a stop at the donut store, and he picked out his own first paycheck, a chocolate chip cookie. I tipped him 3 timbits for a job well done.

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