Like a word Stew

No one theme today, just a goulash of things from the start of the week (after a long day with the lad, this is all you’re getting, gentle readers).

Vignette: Dad comes around to the bathroom to see what the lad is doing while sitting on the potty for a while. He finds the lad vigorously pulling his wang away from his body. Dad asks “what are you doing?” The lad replies “I’m trying to pull off my penis”. Dad calmly discourages this terrifying concept. Hopefully his future wife appreciates this.

Different topic: I’m thinking about publishing some serialized fiction to this blog, but I’m not sure if I want to cross the streams in that fashion. I try to keep things pg around here, so that would limit the use of foul language and fisticuffs. On the plus side, it might be validating to know I have a small band of people reading the work as it comes out.

I ‘m not really aware of why Ashley Tisdale is famous in the real world, or if she’s a vacuous member of Hollywood’s next-gen brats. I can only judge her by her terrific work as the voice of ‘Candace’ on ‘Phineas and Ferb’, and I think she does a whiz-bang job. Check ‘Phineas and Ferb’ out, you’ll like it.

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