Anxiety, Anxiety, you give me no mercy

Well would you look at that-I have a phobia! Telephonophobia! I am reluctant and, at times, afraid to have a conversation on the telephone. I’m not usually someone who supports self-diagnosis (I am still not a doctor) but in this case it’s pretty obvious.
And it makes sense. It’s the last vestigial element of my general social anxiety that took me years of effort and determination to cope with and master for he most part. I don’t avoid large social gatherings, in fact I kind of like them now. I am very comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, because I love the sound of my own voice and my own opinions. It’s the Me Show, starring Me!

So what if  I have one more tiny social demon clinging to my heartstrings and whispering its fearful words into my ear. It’s actually a relief being able to isolate the stress into a single source, instead of worrying that I was just a big pile of awkward failing. Some people hate spiders, I hate telephones. I’ll beat it, eventually, but until I do I have to remember to draw upon the support and help of my loved ones (Hi Honey! I love you very much).

More Music Nonsense: Triumph just wasn’t a very spectacular band. They tried hard, sure, and I can believe that some people have been “rocked” by Triumph, but listening to any of their songs other than their few hits will leave most people underwhelmed. Adequate, but not inspiring.
Also, I have a surprising fondness for hardcore Techno, I think. It’s hard to tell what to call it, since even the aficionados of electronic music can’t agree on any kind of labelling system. Maybe I like breakbeat, or maybe its grime. Whatever it is actually called, I like percussion heavy songs with computer noisy noises. I put on the eclectic electronic music channel while I was cleaning the kitchen, and it was dad’s one man cleanup rave (glow sticks and hallucinogens not included).

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2 thoughts on “Anxiety, Anxiety, you give me no mercy

    1. Now now, we all know the iPhone isn’t meant for banal ‘phone conversations’. The phone function is there, for me anyway, enitrely as a concession to emergency communication possibilities. And I don’t answer that one as well.

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