This is a mess of unrelated things

Which, I assume, my last post was as well. the unfortunate outcome of blogging while tired on a malfunctioning keyboard. You don’t know how essential your friend the space bar is until he stops working. Oh well, I’m back on my normal keyboard and (relatively) awake.

It makes me laugh my angry and dismissive laugh when I see the repeated references to Apple, and specifically the iPhone, as “overhyped”. Really? How many millions and millions of phones do they have to sell before the hype level is scientifically determined to be the correct amount? What is the adequate hype threshold for a consumer electronic product? If you need a good example of this kind of nonsense, check out Gizmodo and the majority of their sad iPhone coverage.

At the heart of it, people want to see something rise up and be great, and then they hate it for becoming great and they yearn for its destruction. They’ve found one minor issue with some of the phones, and they want to ride it to the angry mob with pitchforks and effigies of Steve Jobs. Microsoft has seen the opportunity in scoring a few cheap points and they referred to the  iPhone 4 as Apple’s Vista.  If the people amused by that comparison could logically compare the two things, they’d remember what an unholy mess of unwanted and unuseful garbage Vista is.

In other news, I’ve added another band to my no listen list. Sorry Doug and the Slugs, but you were terrible examples of Can Con gone wrong, and the world is better without your “Last of the Red Hot Fools” or “Makin’ it Work”. especially the second one-I hear that noise on the radio and I change it to the next available station. I don’t care if it’s static or a sermon about the jesus, it’s got to be better than those damn slugs.

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