I am not a scientist!

Sometimes I am struck by an idea that is both highly unprovable and bound to make people who hear it shake their head and inch away from me. Nonetheless, I present today’s poorly thought out idea that posits an answer to the unasked question: why does prostate stimulation provide sexual gratification for men?

Uncomfortable yet? Well we’re going ahead anyway. What if the sexual reward brought on by prostate stimulation is a population control mechanism? This argument is made on the assumption that we’re only talking about biological interaction between two parties, with no toys or multiple  simultaneous partners thrown into the mix. It’s also depends on the premise that the male sex drive is consistently higher than the female sex drive. And, being a biological discussion, there’s no cultural perspective on homosexual sex to muddy the waters, so we’re going to make a pretty big assumption for the purposes of this discussion that, in the wild, normal male sexuality would include some bisexual tendency.

It’s pretty safe to say that any sex act that involves the prostate getting tickled will not result in conception, so that will cut down on the numbers of kids right there.  And if there wasn’t a sexual alternative, a tribe of humans would quickly find itself with all the women pregnant, and most of the men frustrated. The possibility of popping out to the woods for a quick man on man cuddle would lessen the sexual pressure on the female members.  So, the most content and successful tribes had a higher population of men who enjoyed a little back door action, and evolution took care of the rest. This idea may be the perfect way to make an American Christian’s head explode:let’s call it gay-volution!

I must remind you again that I am not trained or qualified in any way to even ponder the nature of human evolution and sexuality. This blog post is for entertainment purposes only, and no I am not a weirdo.

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One thought on “I am not a scientist!

  1. Had similar inappropriate train of thought, but mine was religion-motivated.

    Some religous people argue that they can prove a christain god exists (kind of calling their Jesus a liar, but hey….) and these arguments all center around finding something, then claiming it could not exist unless a creator made it.

    But they pick and choose from science and medicine. For instance, men and women fit together to make babies, so god wants marriage – etc etc. But, says my self, and I knew it was me because I recognized the voice, you cannot just pick and choose. Either take all evidence, or accept that belief comes from faith, and only faith, like your god said. Put up or shut up wacko-christain! So what about the prostate tickle? If god put a nerve cluster in a mans’ butt where only a round long object could reach it, he must want man man action. Or why would it be there at all? If a creator made people and everything with a purpose, then that christain god wants men to be gay.

    If you are going to be a good christain man, you need to practice homosexuality.

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