I’m almost a genius

While letting my mind wander as Max played on the slides today, I thought I had come up with a great product idea. A diaper bag designed with dad in mind! And it is a great idea…that is already out there in the market place.

I really like the cargo jacket version offered at Dadgear. A jacket emblazoned with a unique logo and loaded with the tools you need is close enough to batman’s utility belt for my juvenile brain. The changing pad hidden away in a back pocket really sold the secret agent/ superhero aspect for me.

If you wanted to go upscale, you could look to ultra chic dad-on-the-go Brad Pitt for inspiration and go to a fancy storksak bag. 240 dollars is a little pricey for my tastes, though.

Honestly, I know I won’t buy one of these bags or jackets, no matter how cool they may be. Our repurposed promo satchel has done just fine for the last year, and I like to dream that we are approaching the end of the diaper era. Someday, someday.

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I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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