Dilemma, bedevilled

I’m trying to put together an entry for the playwright’s cabaret (as I’ve mentioned before) and I thought I found the easy solution. I have an already (hand) written piece of approximately the right length that I like. Getting into the transcription and editing of the piece, I’ve realized that the 4 actor constraint of the cabaret will force significant changes on the script. And, since I’m actually fond of the script, I’m unwilling to chop it up. True, I’m essentially refusing to cut a fart joke, but it’s a GOOD fart joke.

So, my two options are: chop the thing up, or go with a new idea. The problem with the new idea is that I’m not hot for it. No tingles, no curiosity, and if I just force myself to do it, it will be loveless and wooden.

Maybe I’ll take an honest run at the new idea and see if I can breathe some life into it. The good news that comes out of this is that I like the existing piece enough to spare it from mutilation, so now the question is where do I find an outlet for it?

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I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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