The Next Big and Messy Milestone

We’re on the cusp of potty training now. The idea has been introduced, the potty has been personally chosen by Max, and now we’re going to leave the topic alone (more or less) as he thinks about the idea. When he decides he’s ready, he’ll make a pronouncement to that effect and away we’ll go. At least, that’s what I expect, given his normal reaction to these kinds of changes. The harder we push him, the more his stubborn resistance comes into play. For example, if I put my foot down and tell him “no you’re tired and it’s time to sleep” he will wail and howl “But I’m not SLEEPY!”. Instead, I just agree with him that he’s not sleepy, slowly and surreptitiously moving him towards the bed until he slips into Dreamtime all by himself.

Sometimes the boy is like a mule who refuses to go the direction you lead him, no matter how hard you yank on the harness or how delicious the carrot you’re dangling looks to be. Wonder what I’ll do when he’s too big to throw under my arm and carry?

Published by Chris

I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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