March of time, back to school edition

First, the official book stuff update: The kickstarter fundraising campaign for book 4 “The Ember and the Knife” will launch next Monday. So clear off a little room on the ol’ credit card, stretch your retweeting/facebook sharing muscles, and get ready to cheer the project on. Go go go! I’ll post updates here as theContinue reading “March of time, back to school edition”

Looking for your opinion. Yes, you!

Hey, remember when I used to talk about writing and my current project, the “Spellbound Railway” series? Boy, that takes me back. It feels like it’s been a million years since I actually finished off the 4th book and started planning how and when to launch the thing. Then summer came along, bringing with itContinue reading “Looking for your opinion. Yes, you!”

My next adventure in independent publishing

Learning to swim by jumping in the deep end I’m happy to announce that the third novel in my “Spellbound Railway” series is now complete and almost ready to hit the shelves. It’s called “The Patchwork Boy” and I’m immensely proud of it. Now that the creative part is done, I have to switch gearsContinue reading “My next adventure in independent publishing”