More of me, now in video form

First, the boring ol’ updates:

-Book 5, the final, totally last, all done instalment of the ‘Spellbound Railway’ (which most people just call the WitchKids series, despite my feeble protestations) is underway. I will finish the chapter summary by the end of this year and launch myself flailing and shrieking at the first draft in early 2018.

-secretive new project is secretly in the planning stage, centred around that detective thriller that has bad people doing bad things. Mid-2018 is when it potentially sheds its secretive skin and prances about in all it’s gory strange glory.

And on to new business!

I have advice! Writing advice! And I am going to capture it raw and fresh each work morning in a video segment I call ‘Bad Writer Advice’. Here’s the first video, explaining the whole thing.

You ask, quite rightly, why I would shove bad advice down your already engorged gullet. I would answer that all advice is bad…unless it works. And once I got over my own cleverness, I would explain it like this: following advice is like running through a maze with hints being yelled back from someone else in the maze. More often than not, their advice will lead down dead end alleys and wrong turns, chewing up time and effort. If you are lucky, you’ll pick up a few useful ideas from these wrong turns. And occasionally, the advice will be exactly what you need and you’ll find the end of the maze. Hurray for you!

So by noon each work day, I’ll have a (less than) 5 minute video prepared hot and ready for you over here on my youtube channel. Vacations will happen and you will not get videos during that time. the videos will be unpolished. They will have no production values at all. But they will be an honest look into my daily writing process, warts and all. (Please note: no actual warts will be displayed. Ew)

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I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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