New book, who dis?

(AKA watch me make my wife mad)

The final book in the “Spellbound Railway” series is here!

Happenstance is here!

In what may be the softest soft launch in the history of publishing, my latest book, Happenstance, is now available. Okay, so it’s been available for a while. I just didn’t tell anyone. There really hasn’t been a good time to self-promote during the age of plague and unrest. But I’m telling you now! It’s on the Books page and everything! I should have set up a virtual book launch where a small group of people could watch me awkwardly read an excerpt on Zoom, but who wants to see that? (Honestly, who? If you do like the idea of attending a virtual book launch, comment on this post and let me know!)

Happenstance is the fifth and final book of my young adult series, “The Spellbound Railway”. The big climax! The multiverse in peril! Smooching! This book has it all.

Important Reminder about Free Stuff!

I am giving away digital copies of the first four books in the series…for FREE! Can you even comprehend my magnanimity? I barely can. Go to to grab an e-copy. Tell your friends. Inform your acquaintances!

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