I gotta be me

Updates first!

Update #1: new book is now for sale! Check the Books page for all the sale sites. (or just go buy the ebook at Smashwords)

Update#2: I’ll be at Forest City Comicon this weekend, chatting with fans new and old. Drop by if you’re going.

Update #3: the exclusive short story Kickstarter reward is one final edit away from completion. That means the Kickstarter rewards will start flying through the air to the backers in the next few days.

Update #4: I’m being beseiged by a head cold at the moment, so please grade this blog post on a sympathetic curve.


And now to today’s topic: topics! (AKA a blog post about blog posts- how Meta)

My plan, recently, has been to reserve this blog for writing-related posts. When I’ve felt the need to expound upon any other topic, I’ve shoved that idea to the back burner (or onto the trash pile). My logic was that I did not want to confuse, bore or agitate the readers by opining on current events.

But I’ve rethought that plan. The purpose of this blog is to promote my writing, sure. I love talking about whatever I’m working on, and the strange twists and turns that happen along the way. The other stuff matters too, though. I don’t spend every waking minute pondering the mysteries of storytelling. The other things that catch my attention are an important part of who I am, and that informs my writing.

And really, the main function of this blog is communication. It’s a wierd way to communicate (mostly one-way) but it still counts. The writers who I admire, like John Scalzi or Chuck Wendig , don’t restrain their opinionated selves. For good or ill, they let loose.

So here’s the new deal: I’m going to se this space for anything I think is interesting enough to write a note about. Sometimes, it will be boring if you don’t live in the same city/province/country as I do. Sorry about that. And occasionally, I’m going to cheese some folks off. Such is life.



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I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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