Curse you long titles

(previous title: “Things to think about while you stare wistfully out the window on a rainy Thursday afternoon”. )

Two interesting ideas to mull over and see if they apply to your life.

1. The Dunning-Kruger Effect. If you are unskilled at something, you haven’t practiced enough to know when you’re doing it wrong. And, because you haven’t spent any time learning from people who do have the skill, you don’t even know what “doing it right” looks like. The net result is that you will usually overestimate how well you can do something, and you won’t be able to recognize that you stink at a part (or all) of the task. Not a lot of growth or room for improvement. The fix is easy-practice and study. The unpleasant side-effect is that you’ll lose a bit of self-confidence as you realize how much there is that you don’t know (I can personally vouch for that).

2. “Every mistake makes the next success possible”. This quote of wisdom comes from the lead singer of the thrash metal band “Overkill”, Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth. Considering that this fellow has managed to survive the music industry and his own early exploits of excess to successfully maintain a rewarding musical career for 25 years, I’m amenable to listening to his advice. And, I’m applying it specifically to my current mistake. I’ve discovered, through the help of my observant friends, that there are some minor grammatical errors in the current version of my book. I’m in the early phases of working on the sequel, so finding this out now is taking a bit of wind out of my sails, but what’s done is done. I cannot track down every person who bought a physical copy and make the changes by hand. Have I learned from all of this? Absolutely. I already knew that this type of mistake was my weakness, and finding this new example proves that I have to stay on top of things and really, REALLY pay attention while editing. Good justification for adding another edit draft before going to print. It also ties in with ponder point #1: I need to keep practicing my writing and my editing, because I have a lot to learn.

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