Massive Cuts at Dad Co. !!!!!!

MadeUp News – The workforce at Dad Co. has been given notice that, as of September 6th, they will be transitioned to a part-time basis, working only Mondays and Fridays. A company spokesman was quoted as saying “it’s a definite shift in our workload, but the consumer demand just isn’t there. Our primary client has decided to use another service provider for Tuesday to Thursday, and we can’t offer a competing package.” Reaction from the workforce has been generally sad and mopey, with muttered talk of “my boy is growing up so quickly” and questions about “who will make sure he eats his lunchtime vegetable?” filling the air of the Dad Co. Factory.


translation: Max goes back to preschool tomorrow, and this year, he’s going for 3 full days a week. For the first time in 2 years, I won’t be there during lunchtime. For some reason, that’s the part that I’m hung up on-his new level of sandwich autonomy.

I know that he’s going to enjoy going back to school. In fact, he’s been asking about school for the last few weeks, after he reached a state of boredom with our summer routine. My boy’s a social butterfly, and he’s looking forward to having new friends to play with. And it will be good for me as well, giving me time during business hours to try to make money, while also plugging away at my next novel.

But like every parent before me, I can’t help but be sad at the march of time, since that march leads him towards independence and away from me. Last year, I couldn’t fathom reaching this point in time. I thought it was so far away that it would never actually happen, but here we are. Next year he’ll be at the real deal, full day junior kindergarten. Sniffle.

I’m very grateful that I’m able to be at home, spending Mondays and Fridays with him, and being able to pick him up at 3PM after school.  I sincerely hope that I can find some kind of reliable income source that will allow us to keep me here, though I realize how challenging it’s going to be to find some kind of job that will fit within the hours I have available (nevermind my continual battle with the lack of credentials on my CV. Curse you, lack of employer-enticing accomplishments!) So, dear universe, if you were planning to throw some cash my way, this would be a fine and dandy time to do so. I promise that I’ll keep trying to make the world a better place, and I won’t buy even one giant foam cowboy hat.

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