Oh, what a digital age we live in.

Did I ever think that I would hear my dear wife say “I miss your blogging”? No sir, I did not. It’s painfully true that blog production has crawled to a standstill here at Me Industries, and I blame the economy, taxes, and the possibility of zombies.

Okay, okay, fine, I’m the cause of this lack of blog. No need to drag the economy into this, and I like paying taxes. No really, I do. I do not want to pay for my own road when I want to go somewhere. I’d start paving it, and then I’d realize that I was paving over the vegetable garden, and then I’d get yelled at. And if we are brutally honest, the zombie threat is at exactly the same level it was before I started blogging.

It’s not that I don’t have topics to blog about. The issue is that some of these topics are highly passionate and I’m afraid that I’m going to creep you out with my fiery rhetoric. Plus, a lot of it will be politically related, and I’d hate to cheese any of you wonderful readers off by waving my politics in your face. On the other hand, the things that I’m passionate about inform the rest of my life and influence the decisions that I make, so if this blog is about my journey as a dad, my politics come into play. So I guess I should just let ’em rip.

Also, I take everything too seriously right now. It’s the perilous side-effect of paying attention to the world around me. It’s all well and good to have informed opinions tat you’re enthusiastic about, but sometimes you need to dial it down, stop worrying about the fate of humanity, and be happy. I’m working on it.

Speaking of caring about things: I’m feeling a little low on allies (my ever-supportive wife notwithstanding). I was hoping that, if I found the right bunch of fellows, I’d be able to assume we were on the same page at all times and not worry about a difference of opinion popping up. This is, as you may be aware of, unrealistic. It would be easier for me if we could all just sit around agreeing with each other, but the price of civic involvement is learning to find a peaceable accord between differing perspectives. I can handle the big differences (I think), but discovering that one of my new civic-minded friends has a contrary opinion on something gets me a little frustrated. More learning is required.


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I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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