Can’t yell at everyone everyday

I have to change the order in which I do things. Leaving this here lil ol’ blog until late in the evening encourages a ‘bah I’ll do it tomorrow’ reflex that isn’t helpful. But, blogging in the morning feels unnatural (and I would have to work like a speedy demon to finish a post before the wife heads off to work and I start my day with the little dude).  This blog is the main voice I have to you, my audience, and when I neglect the blog, I neglect the audience. Bad writer, naughty!

Here is today’s “daily meaningless benchmark of Max’s development that caught me off-guard”: The little dude can look straight out of the front windows without assistance.  I hope his basketball skills start developing, because this fellow is going to be a tall guy. He can also pour liquids carefully, without upending the container and flooding the counter with milk or juice or what have you. Yay, fine-motor skills!

But back to me yelling at everyone. When I post/tweet/email something that I’m really passionate about, I tend to get slightly over-dramatic. I’m pretty sure that sometimes my enthusiasm comes off as shouting. It’s a hard line to walk, being excited and passionate without being too intense and off-putting.

On the other hand, I suspect that my moments of unbridled optimism are misread as naive.  It is possible to be both optimistic and fully aware of the negative obstacles standing in the way of progress.

Self-published author update: It’s been a month and a half since the book went up for sale (for sale here, for anyone who is late to the party). Sales have slowed down, since everyone I am in regular contact with has purchased a copy. And, for the record, thank you wonderful people. The next challenge is to find new opportunities to put the book up for sale: local bookstores, artisan’s markets, etc… This is the kind of stuff that an actual publisher would take care of for me, but until I can build a loyal and sizable audience, I have to go it alone. And no, ‘sizable’ does not refer to your weight. I love you all just the way you are.

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I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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