I have a note explaining my absence

Well that was a speedy, non-blogging week. But I have reasons! Or for the less charitable, excuses! I started by forcefully slamming the top of my head into a rounded rivet on the bottom of a playground structure. No, not on purpose. I didn’t lose consciousness or get dizzy, but it hurt with a persistent and impressive intensity. Sometimes it’s daddy that gets the bonk. So, that took the wind out of my sails on Wednesday. Thursday, I marshaled the lad off to school even though he resisted and kept claiming he was too tired. He had woken up at 5:30, so tiredness was to be expected, and I thought he would snap out of it. When the school called me an hour later and told me he was running a fever of 101, I felt like the worst parent ever. I brought him home, kept watch while he slept the day away, and finally was able to get some children’s tylenol and ice cream to make the rest of the afternoon and evening easier. He recovered almost entirely by Friday around lunchtime. When he gets sick, though, I lose my mind with worry and emotional upheaval, so I was no good for blogging Thursday or Friday. Saturday was family stuff, which I enjoyed immensely, and it was my night to do bedtime. By the time I was free and clear to hit the old computer, I was a tired puddle of unenthusiastic apathy. So now we’re here! You people have waited for a topic, and a topic you shall have. Karma! During one of our ramble-arounds through the neighbourhood this week, Max and I came across various bits of litter on the lawn. I grumbled at first to myself, blaming no-good teenagers and boozed up slackers, but then I got tired of my own complaining and I picked the stuff up. If I think about it, I was not a bastion of civic cleanliness during my youth, so I probably owe the city a fair amount of garbage collection. And that’s an aspect of the maturation process: accepting that you may have run a karmic deficit in the past, and realizing you can start balancing your own metaphysical budget right here and now. I was a pretty big fan of “My Name Is Earl” at least for the first few seasons, and it did a very good job showing a man trying to make amends within the limitations of his own life. The man trying to fix his mistakes didn’t suddenly become a transformed person, changed in every way. He was the same guy, with the same family and friends, and the same drawbacks. The only difference was that he wanted to live a better life and try to do the right thing. The biggest challenge to anyone trying to live a more ethical and compassionate life is shouldering the weight of your previous misdeeds without being crushed by your past. So now, I pick up trash when I see it. It doesn’t matter how the trash got here, it needs to be cleaned up.

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I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

2 thoughts on “I have a note explaining my absence

  1. Those rivets are there purposely for parents to hurt themselves on, it’s a known fact. 🙂
    And I love your take on “My name is Earl” although I don’t think I’d ever analysed it in that much depth. Pleased your back and Max is on the mend.

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