Yay! I’m Standing!

That isn’t to imply that I have been unable to stand upright until this moment. The title is misleading. The difference is that I am testing the concept of a standing desk, and I am blogging at it right now. With my sad sack folding banquet table desk and patio chair combination, I really couldn’t have a less ergonomic setup, so I did what the internet told me to and set up a standing desk. Okay, so I have been considering it for a while, though not very seriously, so the recent articles I read about standing versus sitting and the toll that my sedentary life  is taking on me just pushed me into action. Hopefully I don’t end up with a sore back and feet, but my normal routine gives me a sore back and numb tongue (neck muscle pressing slightly on a nerve, not a stroke. Thanks for worrying) so there’s nothing to lose.

On to other things. I was tangentially involved in a twitter-based political conflict today. You didn’t know I was on twitter? Well I didn’t tell you, but now you know. My username is @spankules. It’s pronounced like Hercules, but with spanking, which is totally misleading since I don’t involve myself in any spanking at any time, whether for correction or amusement. Anyway. A chum of mine was questioning a campaign worker about something, and asking him to give an exact number. The worker refused and things got testy.  In response to a short-tempered tweet, my chum asked the fellow if he would want his son to behave the same way in a similar situation. The worker went into a rage, mistakenly thinking his family and his parenting skills were being questioned. It’s the first time that I’ve seen a collision between someone’s political efforts and their personal life.

Doing a little research into the angry man, I found some helpful information, most importantly the fact that he has a 7 month old baby at home. I remember the lack of emotional control and rationality I had at that phase in my little dude’s life, so I suspect baby stress fueled his anger. Plus, a stressed dad is always worried about defending his  family, and he might  start to see threats where there aren’t any.I know I still feel like I’ve let the team down if someone speaks rudely to my wife  or child when I’m not around (I’m looking at you, angry rude man at No Frills!), so I can understand where the campaign worker was coming from.

It also doesn’t help that the worker is aligned with a party that has put a lot of effort into being uncommunicative and aloof. People are so desperate to get answers from the party that they get pretty…enthusiastic when somebody actually responds. And since the unlucky few party members who are still willing to be open and communicative are forced to defend their party’s fabrications and unethical actions, they probably feel like their on the bottom of  a dog pile. There’s nothing worse than being a good guy with an unscrupulous autocratic boss. But for this specific twitter conflict, everybody calmed down and apologized, so no harm done.

Published by Chris

I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

3 thoughts on “Yay! I’m Standing!

  1. Political conflict on Twitter? Sounds like good times. 😉

    A standing desk sounds cool. I’m interested to see how it works out for you, after you’ve had a chance to try it for awhile.

  2. Guilty as charged. :-p And you’ve described the whole situation far better then I will attempt to do later tonight.

    I’ve heard several tips about stand up desks including the same for sitting down, don’t be in one position for too long and take frequent stretches etc. I’ll be curious to hear some updates on the experiments.

  3. LOL at the spanking bit. I’ve thought about getting myself into a standing position for all of my computer work but figure it will just present our 20 month Butterfly with a challenge he couldn’t turn down!

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