Now that’s what I call a holiday

This was the perfect working holiday for me today. My wonderful wife took the little dude over to his friend’s house for a play date and a fun lunch at McDonalds. I know, we can all tut tut about the nutritional value of the food there, and that is a valid concern, but he eats so little of it right now that it’s a non-issue. He’s too excited to go play in the playland area to eat any real amount. So he had a great fun time. And, while they were out, I finally got a good chunk of editing done on my novel.

I had been stalling, beating myself up, and generally being a sad sack for the last few days. I was trying to kick myself in the butt to get things done, but I don’t handle that very well. Instead of getting more motivated, I get frustrated at what I can’t achieve and I then descend into a mopey pit of malaise. Last night, I gave up on pulling the stubborn mule that is my mind. The wife gave me the night off to relax and feel better, and I did just that. When this morning came around, I was ready to focus and get some work done. That’s a second ‘thank you’ I owe my wife.

A big part of my problem is that I look at other professional writers and I compare what I accomplish day-to-day with what they do. What I didn’t understand until today is that, even though I now see myself as a professional writer, I still have the hangups and challenges I had before seeing myself as a writer. I won’t magically shed my existing issues just because I’m following my dreams. That is the important part to keep in mind, though: I am living my dream. I get to write, without any real worry about money. And I get to spend my days with my little dude as he grows and learns and becomes more amazing with each day that passes.

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One thought on “Now that’s what I call a holiday

  1. Great that you got the time you needed. Our eldest didn’t even realise McDonalds had food for years – he thought the M was for Mummy…very good for my ego! I’m currently reading The Success Principles by Jack Canfield (The Chicken Soup for the soul guy), and it’s been really helpful. Perhaps worth checking out?

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