Language skills? Check.

I’m not worried about any elements of Max’s developmental progress. He’s not great at catch, sure, but that should turn around with some practice. And any shortfall in his basketball handling abilities is wildly overshadowed by his language skills. I will give  you an example. One of his new birthday books is ‘Scaredy Squirrel’ and as we went to read it today, he told me that he thought the ‘the part about antibacterial soap was hilarious’. Antibacterial?  Hilarious?? The number of words he recognized/read in the book was astounding. Combining his burgeoning reading skills and his new-found burst of imaginative play on his own puts him on track for happily reading on his own in the next few years.

I can hardly imagine what our evenings will be like when he can find a comfy chair and settle in with a big book while Ma and I read our own books. That will be something to see.

In other news, my mother has visited the grim specter of the future in the form of her lawyer, and there is going to be talk of wills and power of attorney and all the fun things that go along with it. This is another reminder that I’m getting older and I’m in a distinctly different phase of my life. I don’t know what this phase is, but the first few signs  have been hair loss and death talk. Off to a bad start, new phase.


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