Here’s another lesson for me

I tried to blog while watching a television last time, and I was very distracted. I think we’ve all learned a lesson. Well, actually, no I haven’t learned a darn thing, since I’m doing it again.

Also stacked against the chance that this will be genius gilded in gold-leaf and hilarity is that I’m tired and scatterbrained. The wife was home with a cold today, which throws the world into a state of chaos. I have to keep an eye on the dude to keep him from going up and waking her from a much-needed nap. Plus, I feel compelled to run around and try to help her with everything, but with no clear  direction I tend to be underfoot and irritating. So, my mental focus is virtually non-existent. And my mother-in-law left this morning after a very nice week-long visit, so the household is just beginning the recovery from company process. As an FYI, grandma confirmed that the little dude gives the sweetest kisses ever, so send home the other contestants.

In the few bursts of mental activity that I’ve been  able to manage today, I’ve been day-dreaming about an entirely impractical Star Wars story. The story would almost certainly lead me to legal trouble with that damnable Lucas, assuming anyone ever read it, so the effort spent writing it would be hard to justify. That may be why I return to the idea occasionally, my safe little unfulfillable pipe dream where I wreak revenge on the awful man who ruined my Vader.

For a change, I’m planning to have my turn with the cold this weekend. Instead of pretending that I will be immune to the illness swarming around me, I’ll put it into the schedule and if it magically misses me, extra free time!

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I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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