Bad Advice:Print your own money!

(Good advice: pay yourself for your hard work) I have a
friend who was once told in a performance review at work that they
wouldn’t get a raise, but they were getting rewarded with ‘job
satisfaction’. If someone offers this ‘bonus’ to you as a work
incentive, feel free to steal an extra briefcase full of office
supplies, because your employer kind of hates you. You know what
makes work really satisfying? FAT PAYCHECKS. But I’m not throwing
the ‘job satisfaction’ idea completely out the window. One of the
steps of being successful in your work or craft is feeling like
there’s a reward attached to it. Our
brains are hard-wired to work
best when there is a treat dangling out there for us at the end of
a job. If you happen to work on a project or task that is entirely
self-motivated and created, however, you run into a problem. When
you are your own boss, there’s no external source of reward to spur
you on. So, you need to create a kind of internal currency that you
dole out whenever you finish work, like ‘pridebucks’ or
‘satisfaction rubles’. You have to come up with an intangible
reward system because (unless you’re rich) there’s not enough money
to buy a toy every time you succeed, and too many ‘yay for me’
cookies will make you fat and sad. Learn to recognize your own
accomplishments, and become comfortable with being proud of

Published by Chris

I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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