Stand down, gentlemen. Your tour of duty is coming to an end.

I love the Wiggles. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again. Sadly, their time in my life is drawing to a close as Max’s interests turn to other shows. For 3 consecutive days, he has chosen some new upstart show over his once beloved Wiggles. I quietly lobby in their favour each time, but he remains unmoved.

I have already talked about why I think they are great childrens performers, and all of that holds true, but I’ve stumbled upon another reason for my affection :they kept me company. For months now, they have been a source of simulated camaraderie, just a bunch of dads helping me entertain my boy and passing the time with me. It gave me something to research on my tiny iPhone screen. I read their Wikipedia page, and followed up with info on their dancers and other associated folks. Being a fan of the guys gave me something to do, and something to look forward to, and I will miss them when we move on for good. The wife felt the same when Blue’s Clues passed out of favour with the little dude. I guess it;s natural to find a touch of fondness for the shows that your kid watches. It’s either that, or be an obnoxious parent who belly aches about kids TV whenever they get the chance, and  no one likes that guy.

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