An ache in the brain and a gurgle in the belly

One of these is bad, one of these is good. I’m struggling beneath the totalitarian regime of a head and sinus cold, flailing about in a vain attempt to get free or at least lessen the achiness. The only balm in Gilead (ooh biblical) is the belly full of sate beef soup that I have thanks to my loving wife. The spice has warmed me and relieved some of the sinus swelling, and after a nice cup of decaf coffee I should be able to tolerate living until bedtime.

I did try to get some planning done for the next chapter I have to write and post tomorrow. I hit a point where I just could not push myself to work anymore and I slowly stormed away from my work area and pouted upstairs. I must be fantastic company today.

So far Max has shown a few mild cold symptoms, but if we’re lucky it won’t intensify like it did for me. And his teeth are almost back to normal-sporadic incisor action has taken place today and everything still looks okay in there.

Good night and good luck. I’ll be in my bunk.

Published by Chris

I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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