Blogging after 11PM? Who let me stay up this late?

I’m trying to get a lot done this month, maybe too much, and it’s already getting precarious. Tonight a concert deftly slipped in and took the time that was going to be alloted to writing and exercising.  Was it worth it? Definitely. Gord Downie and the Country of Miracles put on a dynamic and fun show. But still, the piper must be paid and so here I am. Officially, I  could just forget blogging tonight, but it’s on my big big list  of too many things  to do so I’m going to churn out something.

The focal point of the show tonight was Julie Doiron, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. For some people, she’s just the chick in Gord’s band, and that band is nothing but a side project of The Tragically Hip. Others may know of her own solo work, and the real music nerds (hello!) hold her in a place of reverence for her part in Canada’s first prominent alternative band, Eric’s Trip. So it was very strange that near the end of the show, she  looked  out into the audience and waved excitedly at a  friend of mine.

To be more accurate, she was waving at the sister of one of my high school friends. We’ve never hung out, but I get along with her and I really admire her artistic pursuits. In addition to singing in the band Bruce Peninsula, she also writes and produces theatre works, short stories, and collaborates with other artists. But regardless of the body of work she’s creating as an adult, she’s still a little sister in my mind. So it’s weird when a professional musician gets excited to see her.

On other fronts, the multimedia part of the show was great. The theme of the show was impermanence and the volatility of art, that as soon as the sound is created it disappears. And in between songs, Gord used an overhead projector, cutouts, and paint to create pieces of art to accompany the next batch of songs. From nothing to a stunning tableau in 30 seconds, and probably different each and every night.

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