Hooray for lasers!

(disclaimer: there are no lasers in this post. The laser is a symbol of the general awesomeness of modern science. Sorry for getting your laserhopes up).

Nostalgia can creep up on anyone at anytime and inflict upon them a yearning for an idealized version of the past that has little resemblance to the actual events. At the risk of alienating any renaissance faire/ SCA readers, I have to tell you that the past stinks. Instead of dreaming of days of yore, you should revel  in the ridiculously fantastic things that are a part of your everyday life.

We all agree that the internet is great (bewbs!), modern medicine is marvellous, and on and on. But let’s take a quick look at three small,  simple things that make modern living top-notch.

1)On-demand heating and cooling. When I stand on one of the floor registers and the furnace turns on and it hurtles warm air up to encase me like a body slipper, I melt with delight.

2) water flosser. I have always hated flossing my teeth. Sawing my poor gums with a waxy, minty piece of thread left me with a sore mouth and bloody saliva. Now that I have this aqua-jackhammer of cleanliness, I feel like I have healthy gums for the first time ever. I look forward to using it: “Its time to floss, WHEEE!)

3) Sanitation. Whenever you find yourself in a historical recreation of some sorts, like ye olde village, think “What part of this experience isn’t authentic?” The answer is the smell. I shudder to imagine living so close to other human beings if there were no sewer pipes magically taking the piles and piles of poop magically away and out of sight.

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I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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