Bad way to introduce your business

I am on very few mailing lists, mostly due to my reluctance to participate in things with people. Somehow, I’m on a folk music list. I think I was harvested from a group email to the members of PWAC (Professional Writers Association of Canada) so I get the occasional heads up about an upcoming evening of boring, sleepy and long-winded music. Huzzah.

I’m also on a theatre-related list, from my previous involvement with the Grand theatre’s Playwright’s cabaret. It’s a little irritating now, since I haven’t made it into the last two Cabarets, but that’s my own fault for submitting really slapdash work. I wanted to find the quality threshold for the contest (it seems) and I found it. My heart wasn’t in it so I did a half-assed job and that is a generous assessment of the amount of effort I put in. That should limit the shame of failure but strangely enough it did not. But I digress.

The most recent list email I received has the dubious distinction of being the worst commercial email I’ve ever received. It wasn’t to the level of gibberish spam email touting penis pills and cheap watches, but it wasn’t pretty.

I shouldn’t make too much of a big deal about this, I guess. They only mis-spelled 1 word. Unfortunately, it was one of the words in their company name. And the incorrect spelling was in 4 different locations in the email, including the ‘from’ field.  Oh, for the love of a good editor. I don’t think I’ll be attending their event.

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