Healthy enough, I guess

What an unsatisfying recovery. Each of the last two days have seen a lessening of my symptoms, but no accompanying sense of feeling better. Usually, the return to health has a feeling of energy and wellbeing, but this time it feels more like the illness is sputtering out and will be replaced by mundane weariness and malaise. sure would be nice to look forward to something.

Another unique experience  came along with this messy cold, and it was novel enough (without being dire) that I appreciate it happening. My whole head was packed with thick mucus. I know, that’s gross. But trust me, viscosity is central to the anecdote. I engaged in a vigorous nose blowing, and I felt my left ear plug up. The troubling part was that the goop in my middle ear and eustachian tube was stubbornly staying put, which meant my balance went out the window. This took place very slowly, and I caught on to what was happening pretty quickly, so I was able to steady myself by holding on to the kitchen counter and waiting until I regained my ability to walk.  I am very glad that I wasn’t in the middle of running up the stairs at the time.

On another topic: I will start up a second blog in the near future, and it will be full of creative nonsense. prepare yourself, people!

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