I ate my way through the weekend

More stuff about food, because I eat a lot.  I’ll give you two courses of delight, a palette cleansing course of terrible, then finish with a final course of astounding.

First off, Momos! These Tibetan/Nepalese dumplings come from “Momos at the Market” at the Western Fair market, and they are delicious. A very simplified and straightforward flavor combination that I could eat for hours. The chicken curry is also great. It’s mild but flavourful. I could eat some right now. “Momos at the Market” is open on the weekend all day, and for lunch during the week.

Second course, funnel cake. I know this is a staple fair food, and nothing new to anyone, but the one I ate at the Western Fair yesterday was just right. I added some vanilla ice cream to the cake, and I almost let out a tiny shriek of delight as I ate the whole thing. I must have really been in the mood for uncomplicated tastes, because the simplicity of deep-fried batter and ice cream was (at the time) the best thing I have ever eaten, ever. I tried to share with the lad, but he was having his own love affair with a giant lollipop and he actually refused to try my dessert.

The tiny bit of awful flavour: bad wings, bad! Earlier in the week I tried out the wings at Morrissey House and my stars, they were terrible. Breaded wings? Really? the taste was similar to the z-grade chicken nuggets you had to eat as a kid. Not the tasty ones at McDonald’s, but the ones that are all dark meat and come in a sack of 2000. The final indignity to the wings was a critical shortage of sauce. Either put a generous amount of sauce on the wings, or put it on the side and let me administer my own. Don’t tease me with a dab of sauce on most of the wings.

And now, the baffling. Doritos now makes a tortilla chip that is advertised as being ‘cheeseburger-flavoured’ and by god, they are. They taste exactly like a McDonald’s cheeseburger. After a lifetime of being lied to by chip companies as they gave me promises of strange flavours like  “pizza”, “poutine” or “chicken and gravy” but failed to deliver anything but a weird ambiguous taste, a snack company has stepped up and delivered the goods. As a diligent fake scientist, I ate most of a large bag of these perplexing chips, and they stayed true to the cheeseburger ideal, all the way to the end.

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3 thoughts on “I ate my way through the weekend

  1. I have also tried the cheeseburger chips and stopped eating after only a few – which is something most potato chips don’t cause me to do. The flavours of processed cheese, mustard and beef coming out of a potato chip were unnatural and a little disgusting. I think my mouth expects those flavours to be chewy, so crunchy set off the repulse alarms. (So, why then do I like cheese & beef nachos?) Fortunately, my experience with the chips was at a party, so I don’t have a remaining bag to dispose of.

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