run from the terror of…the Brown Sound!

I wish I was more relaxed when bathroom calamities happen outside of the house. The little dude wants to do well, but fast-moving surprise stool can catch the best of us off-guard. I was slow to notice that  his walk to the bathroom quickly became a strange waddle, and when we got into the bathroom and the severity of the hull breach was  evident, I was a little too tense. Maybe panicky? It’s hard to be calm when you are desperately trying to limit your direct poop contact. So, I got stressed out, Max was stressed out, and we eventually sorted everything out.

I think I eventually returned to comforting dad mode, at least I hope so.  It was a classic “oh the public shame” of poop on the floor and a nude from the waist down boy, but that’s just my social anxiety talking (technically, I think it’s my mother’s anxiety that was drilled deep into my psyche, but let’s leave blame for some other time). I have to relax and accept that, like rain, some poop must fall. That is why backup pants are a must.

Fun fact: the line “some rain must fall” is from The Rainy Day, a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.Also, Wadsworth is a fantastically comedic name.

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