But there really is a wolf this time!

From an early age, I have been adept and willing to worm my way out of any commitment that I don’t want to fulfill. Oh, the times I have used illness as an excuse to avoid some kind of work or social obligation. And when I couldn’t muster up the courage to offer the sickness excuse in advance, I’d fall back to simple avoidance. In the words of Homer Simpson: “I’ll hide under some coats, and hope that somehow everything will work out”.

Well, that was years ago, and I’ve been trying like hell to stop ditching things because they’re hard, like my battle with phone talking.  But if it turns out that I legitimately have to cancel something, I feel compelled to tell whomever I’m cancelling on that, this time, it’s for real.  Sigh.

It’s not as if anyone out there has a in-depth attendance/truancy chart for me. No one is taking notes and waiting for me to slip up, well, no one except me, and self-persecution is ridiculously unproductive.

The specific activity being cancelled, for those who are interested, is Max’s dental appointment tomorrow. He has a nose and head full o’ snot right now, and was running a touch warm last night. Usually, a cold takes a few days to run its way out of him, so he’ll still be a mucusoid menace tomorrow. Going through the sedation and dental work tomorrow morning would be a terrible idea, and even if we didn’t cancel, the dentist would probably send us home if we walked in the door with a sniffling and coughing child.

Unrelated matter: still making little to no money, and getting a little antsy about that. Of course, sitting in front of the computer and trying to will the universe into giving me money isn’t panning out, but a mild panic is keeping me from seeing the best course of action. Okay, deep breaths and calming music time.

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One thought on “But there really is a wolf this time!

  1. Do you find yourself cursed by your work-from-home status that too many people expect you to be freely available to do favours or run errands? I, fortunately, have not had to deal with this but I’ve read of people who have.

    Regarding making money, is there growth in the role of “social media administrator?” With tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others growing in attention, I see companies needing people to administrate these tools. Currently, I imagine the responsibility is simply added to the pile of work for junior marketing people. But I could imagine a entrepreneur making themselves a job by running the social media accounts of several companies, publishing relevent news stories, writing content and forwarding questions to be answered.

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