A Buildup of Orneryness

I think I need to post my rants to the blog a little bit faster than I am right now. I’ve got a backlog of griping and opinionated shouting to do, and I think I might be losing my ardor for the earliest ideas. In a nutshell, until I have time to fully expand each idea:

1.Cory Doctrow is wrong:the locked-down approach to hardware and software that Apple has taken with the iPad is very,very good for the device and wonderful for user experience. And they are under no business or moral compulsion to allow every snot-nosed jerk with a few lines of code under their belt to have free rein to express their poorly thought out ideas.

2. Ontario pharmacists are being greedy and deceptive when they whine about the impending changes. They are a for profit business that is taking kickbacks from the drug makers, which results in higher drug costs for no benefit to the consumer. And since the province is one of the biggest consumers, my tax money is being used to line the pharmacists pockets. No thanks. I’ll take my medicinal needs to a pharmacy who isn’t trying to mislead people with fear tactics.

Published by Chris

I'm an author, freelance writer, dad, and civic busybody living in London, Ontario

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